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Cooling Tunnel

• Polyurethane Belt suitable for foodstuffs

• The entrance platform is 1m, the drive platform is 1m

• The tunnel frame should be made ofsteel, lids and belt underlayer from CrNi material

• The lowest tunnel temperature is 7-8 degrees

• Insulated covers with damper opening to ventilate the belt and tunnel

• There is an electronically controlled pneumatic belt centering system which prevents the belt from moving right and left at the entrance and exit of the tunnel

• Optional: There are two cooling compressors, a group of two evaporators and two circulation fans, and two cooling groups, one cooling compressor, one evaporator, and one circulation pump

• Cooling systems are gas systems

• There is an automatic tape tensioning system that increases the belt life

• The speed of the tape can be adjusted continuously between 2-7Mt./Minute • The entire pneumatic group is Festo brand and equivalent